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You’re Not You

An inspiring story that hits very close to home. You’re Not You is in select theaters and On Demand TODAY! (October 10th) My family is all getting together and we’re having a movie night! My mother, who also has ALS, typically doesn’t go to the movies because she can’t bring her breathing machine… but being on demand, we can all watch it together in the comfort of our home :)

Hilary Swank stars as Kate, a successful classical pianist diagnosed with ALS in the film You’re Not You, The film also stars Emmy Rossum as Bec, a directionless and brash young woman who becomes Kate’s full-time caregiver.  This unlikely pair forms an intimate friendship and life changing bond inspiring each other to live life to the fullest, while being brought together by the most challenging of circumstances. Through their unwavering support for one another, both women are moved to let go of who they were and discover who they are truly meant to be.

The You’re Not You Cast ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, and Josh Duhamel all challenged each other to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Please consider donating to ALS Research Here! http://kissmyals.org/donate/ 

Links to their ALS Ice Bucket videos found here:

Emmy Rossum:

Hilary Swank:



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Josh Duhamel:


Studio: eOne Films US

Director: George C. Wolfe

Cast: Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, Josh Duhamel, Marcia Gay Harden, Jason Ritter, Ali Larter and Loretta Devine

Twitter Hashtag: #YoureNotYou

Stars Twitter Handles:




You’re Not You Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourenotyoumovie

Thank you for your support. Much love and gratitude, today & always!

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  1. Robyn Bos

    Much love to you, your mom and family. I cried watching the movie trailer. I think I will need a bottle of wine before watching the whole movie!
    You are an inspiration. Keep up the good fight.

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