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Founded in 1999, ALS TDI was formed with the purest intent. After seeing the lack of focused research when his younger brother Steven was diagnosed with ALS, MIT-trained engineer Jamie Heywood & his family, set out to correct the problem and save his brother’s life by creating the world’s first nonprofit biotech. Since then, the institute has grown into a staff of 30 full-time scientists, with state of the art laboratories, they’re focused solely on ALS research. Heck yeah!

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI, ALS.NET) is the world’s leading nonprofit drug development organization with one mission: to discover & develop effective treatments to slow and eventually cure ALS. The Institute uses the funds it receives directly on ALS research and is transparent with its findings. Their team is clearly passionate and works directly with people living with ALS and their families.

I trust ALS TDI knowing that they’re the highest rated ALS charity on Charity Navigator! 86 cents of every dollar goes toward research rather than to administrative or fundraising costs. They’re transparent, posting all of their annual reports, full IRS tax filings, and audit reports online.

Not only is the Institute the world’s first nonprofit biotech, but it recently launched a first-of-its-kind integrated precision medicine program. I’m so incredibly excited for this!

Currently, the majority of ALS TDI’s support comes from over 250 family funds, corporate partners, and cause marketing campaigns. These families and partners raise on average $10 million/year for the Institute. Some of these AMAZING patient-led initiatives (which you should check out and support) include: Young Faces of ALS™ campaign, Ales for ALS™, Tri-State Trek, Augie’s Quest™, and ALSbucks.org!

Why am I sharing this info with you? Because we need your support. I have ALS & I am dying. I don’t want a pitty party, I want a cure or simply a treatment & I honestly believe this organization will get us there… but research is extremely underfunded.

Donate at ALS Therapy Institute

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 5.37.15 PMAfter you’re finish reading this article, please consider donating straight to ALS TDI here, and/or consider being 1 of 83,333 people who sign up at www.ALSbucks.org and donate only $1/month, enabling us to raise $1,000,000/year for ALS TDI! So grateful for your continuos support & consideration. Together, we are one step closer to a cure!

You rock ALS TDI, much love and appreciation.. today and always.

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