A Beautiful Song for ALS

***Update*** On Monday 9/29 @ 7pm Daniel will be performing on STAGEIT! An online benefit show for ALS Research for only $10 Please buy your ticket by clicking on the link below:


This song “Paradise” written, produced and performed by Daniel Pulver was created for the ALS community and is extremely heartwarming. It is a beautiful tribute to those who stick by our side through the difficult journey this disease brings.

It takes unconditional love, support and selflessness. So if you’re a caretaker, friend, family or significant other that gives all of yourself to the one you love, this song is dedicated to you. PLEASE know, you’re appreciated, you are loved and you are beautiful.

To download this song, please click the following link:


50% of the proceeds goes to ALS research through ALS TDI. AMAZING.

To my beautiful fiancee, Laarne Palec… I don’t know where this disease will bring me, but I know everything will be okay because you’re by my side. Words can not adequately describe how incredibly grateful I am. I love you with all of my being and all of my soul.


To my step Dad, Donald Scott… you’re an angel on this earth. Thank you for sticking by my mom’s side throughout her journey with ALS. You love her unconditionally and you give yourself entirely to her and our family. We don’t say thank you enough. You are appreciated. You are loved.


Words from the singer-songwriter, Daniel Pulver:

“I wrote this song as a tribute to those suffering and affected by ALS. Recently I have been very involved in the ALS community and have become emotionally invested. I really want a cure to surface. Like really badly.

It’s not fair that 30,000 people every year need to be aware of the fact that after diagnosis, they will be rapidly deteriorating to their own demise. The song is about staying together with the one you love through thick and thin through good times or bad.

Hey girl, I’ll always stay girl, I’ll be here all your life, living this paradise.(lyrics from song).

I am donating 50% of the proceeds of this song to ALS research. I really hope that people hear the words that I sing, the chords that I play and I pray that it permeates through them and ignites the same fire I have inside that pushes me to be an advocate for ALS.”

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  1. Jennifer

    Amazing!!! I was my brothers caregiver for 3 yes. Along with other help from my amazing family. And his wonderful partner. This really touched me. I lost my brother 3 yes ago. He is the most amazing person. Miss him everyday.

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  3. Gilda Hamilton


  4. Penney DeMaris

    Thank you for this beautiful song… It is Paradise when you are caring for a loved one as I did for my baby brother David Noyes He was only 50 when he was diagnosed with this horrendous disease. He was diagnosed Sept 4, 2012 and passed away March 26, 2013 much to fast and much too soon.. I miss him so much I would do it all over again to care for him and hear him giggle again.

  5. Renee DePascale

    Love this song. its so touching and really sets in deep. My father was diagnosed 3 years ago last month at age 54 with this horrible disease and he is still fighting strong! It’s a blessing that he is still with us and i just hope that they find a cure before something happens. My mother is one of the many caregivers for him and she is one of the strongest individuals i know! <3 <3 <3

  6. Jill

    I just was diagnosed with ALS this year. And this song is beautiful. Thank you for taking the moment to write and sing such beautiful words. One day there will be a cure and I am hopeful to be alive when they do. God Bless you and thank you.

  7. kenny

    I was diagnosed with als in 2010 I fight daily to battle to go on with life as normal as possible I get great support and ccals in Falmouth mass and Ron Hoffman have helped me with everything I need

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